Anjali’s Story From “about-to-give-up” to a band 6.5

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Anjali’s Story From “about-to-give-up” to a band 6.5

“…my IELTS journey started back in 2017 when I first opted for the test and ended up scoring 5.5. It was not my cup of tea. I was expecting for at least 6. I enrolled with Smile Foreign Education to give a second try. I was bit confused to sign up for a new mentor as my first experience was not very worthy. But when I met AshokSir, my IELTS mentor, my whole perception changed – he worked upon my weak areas and gave me activities to improve those things…”

..the most important thing that was done most consistently was one-on-one speaking and daily writing under observation. It improved my writing proficiency and speaking fluency swiftly…and finally I got my desired score….

AshokSir’s Experience With Anjali

Anjali was very dedicated and hardworking. Initially she was bit reluctant, but as she realized the importance of techniques I shared with her, her confidence boosted up. And then there was no looking back..she improved faster. I wish her a very vibrant future. Good Luck!