Canada launches Student Direct Stream(SDS)

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Canada launches Student Direct Stream(SDS)

A hub of multiculturalism and an important study destination offers expedited study permit for international students from prominent Asian markets which includes these four major countries – China, India, the Philippines or Vietnam via the Student Direct Stream. There are also some plans to expand it to comprise Senegal and Kenya.

There are some certain documents that you would need for your application for Student Direct Stream and the following list of documents is must:

  1. To have an acceptance letter from any designated Canadian learning institution.
  2. Upfront Medical Exam confirmation document is required (a copy of that is enough).
  3. You need to have a proof that you have a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) of $10,000.
  4. Tuition Fee payment receipt or proof for an at least first year of the study.
  5. Must be graduated from a Canadian curriculum school or proof of a language test displaying a good score of at least 6 for English language (IELTS), or Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens score of 7 for French (TEF).

How to Apply for SDS (Student Direct Stream) from India:

Candidates can apply using an online portal or by offline mode.

To Apply on Paper, you should go through a certain type of instructions for the details on what fees to be paid, where your documents and application will be submitted. Read this for more on it.

To Apply Online:

You are allowed to apply online for the same program and to do you must have an access to a camera or scanner to create electronic copies of documents to upload online and a valid credit card to make the payment.

Don’t forget to include:

  • The Visa office instructions –
  • Documents that you need to submit which are mentioned above in the article.

Online Apply –

For any assistance with your application, you can visit the nearest visa application centre.

Done with Application submission:

Once you are done with the application you can start reviewing it. You’ll get a response for the same very soon as per their estimated time they have mentioned. To know how much time, click on this link-

Got Approved your Application? What Next?

Once your application is approved you will get a letter of introduction and you’ll be asked to show this letter to the immigration official whenever you arrive in the land of Canada. However, it’s the study permit.

You’ll also get a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) to get an entry into the country. The visa will be in your passport.

The study permit that you get is valid only till the end of your school program.

Not got approved?

You’ll receive a letter explaining the reasons behind not approved.