Five Powerful Techniques to Boost Your IELTS Score.

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Five Powerful Techniques to Boost Your IELTS Score.

There is no such thing as impossible. You either do it or leave it.  There are plenty of reasons why you should do it.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just thinking to start your coaching or you’ve been at it for a while. You must commit to consistently get closer to your goal of moving abroad.

There are 5 timeless strategies to help you   to get across.

Strategy #1 Do it consistently. IELTS is not something you practice for a week and be out of practice for two.  You can start from half an hour a day and then to two hours or so.  But practice all four modules equally.

Strategy #2 Be natural. Let’s get it simplified. Don’t unnecessarily leap into complexity. Rather think how native users use the language. I mean to say native users are on appropriate use. You should undoubtedly take risks. Try writing complex structures but with some awareness of collocation and style.

Strategy #3 Begin you day with the newspaper and end with a magazine. The more read, the more you learn. Simple. Read as rich and varied content as possible. Often topics of social and workplace survival are used be it speaking or writing.  If anything else they talk about is modern tourism,  and some topics of academic context.  So reading newspaper and magazine is just fine.

Strategy #4 Be Outspoken. Unblock your speaking.  Get involved in lengthy discussions and conversations. Talk in English with you kith and kin. Be expensive and articulate.

Strategy #5 Find a partner or tutor. IELTS is not just direct output of your language knowledge. You need to captivate a few skills, specific to the exam.  So better if you have an experienced tutor to get you through.