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Here is something I want to tell right now. I wish everyone should know this before choosing an institute for learning a language. You are not an object to be shaped in any random factory with tools. You are an individual. An individual with an individual way of learning and approaching things. People who are out there boasting to offer best infrastructure are considering you as an object. So you are not meant to be coached by them.

You should select a coach sensibly who truly understands your needs and wants and you can get most benefits of their expertise. So don’t just get taken away by what others feel about one. Interact with your to-be-trainer and get a personal assurance of you being trained. When you are trained by a coach who personally takes your responsibility, you get phenomenal results.

There are a few revealing questions you can ask in your introductory conversation with your faculty.

Question #1 How will I get along with so many other students in the class? Too often, big names in the market have classrooms crammed with students. It is OK if you are one of those sitting on the front benches. But what if you studied through a language other than English during schooling? It can a mare learning place for you. So let big names on the walls for decoration, go to those who are changing lives inside classroom walls.

Question #2 Is my trainer permanent or will there be new faces every now and then?
It’s essential that a teacher takes you from the beginning to the end. Generally these consultant-run institutes are operated by hired faculties. Therefore it is wise to check if your faculty is going to stay till your complete your course.

Question #3 Do you feel excited about your institute’s willingness to coach you in a religious way? (for you). There are good chances that an institute offers you coaching free of cost because they have a malicious motive at the end – that’s you are going to apply visa there. In this view of coaching, the whole focus of the institution is not on the academic side of coaching rather on monetising you in a bigger way. This is how you get into the mindset of them.

Question #4 What are the biggest challenges that you are facing and what will your trainer do for these? If your trainer has moved from one way of solving your problem to another or will have multiple ways of helping you, you are at the right place. But be suspicious if they say,” this is all I could do for you”. Dear.