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Tips to Improve Your Canada Immigration Points

If you are willing to immigrate to Canada, we presume you are looking for ways to make your profile strong so that you could spread your wings and fly to your dream destination pretty soon. If you have already created your Express Entry profile, you might want to boost your Comprehensive Ranking System score as it carries a value that could make or break your profile. Well, we have few ways that could help you boost your CRS score which might improve your chances of moving to Canada.

Better your IELTS game

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test that helps determine a candidate’s English proficiency. After you have created your Express Entry profile, you need to make sure you have a good score in IELTS. If need be, you could also reappear for the test to improve your score. You could earn a maximum of 160 points here. Since Canada is a bilingual country, apart from proving your proficiency in English, you could also demonstrate your proficiency in French which would help you earn some extra points.

Tertiary education

We know that the Canadian system values good education and so if you have any tertiary qualification that needed at least 3 years of study, you could earn up to 120 CRS points. And if you decide to continue your tertiary education with a student visa in Canada, you get rewarded with extra points for that.

Mention your siblings in your profile

If your sister or brother is a Canadian citizen already, it could help you a ton in boosting your CRS score. It does not apply just to blood relations, but also to adopted siblings. Consult a good student visa consultant for Canada who will thoroughly guide you in the process.

Spousal points

If you wish to immigrate to Canada with your spouse, you could gain additional CRS points. If your spouse has good work experience backed by a decent IELTS score and educational qualification, it could add up and will boost your CRS score.

A job offer letter from a Canadian employer

According to study abroad consult in Ahmedabad, having a job offer in hand from a Canadian employer can boost your CRS score significantly. You could earn up to 200 CRS points if you have a valid job offer; the points vary depending on the type of job. Since having a job offer is an important requirement for Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), you could benefit in many ways.

Do you need more information that might help you receive an ITA without any glitches? Feel free to get in touch with our immigration experts.