Top Safe Cities to Study in UK Post COVID-19 Crisis

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Top Safe Cities to Study in UK Post COVID-19 Crisis

Every year UK student visa consultant in Ahmedabad get flooded with inquiries from students willing to immigrate to the UK for higher education. Studying in the UK provides students with an opportunity to widen their horizons as it gives them the exposure to develop a better perspective and hence make a good life for themselves. UK is a great country for achieving outstanding career growth but due to pandemic people have started fearing moving to the UK for higher studies or work.

Feeling safe is one of the topmost priorities for students when they decide to move to another country. To complete their education smoothly and to pave the right career path, students need to feel safe and secure in the country they are living in. While the UK may have been badly affected by the pandemic, the country is no exception and is still considered a great place for foreign nationals to study and live. While the effects of COVID-19 have already started diluting, we are sure that this might not last forever. We have curated a list of top safe cities for foreign nationals to live in the UK that might help them make the right choice once all this is over.

1. London

London is our top pick for obvious reasons. London is home to many of foreign students and has more than 17 world-class educational institutions and some out of which are even ranked as the best institutions at a global level. The city has great healthcare facilities, best-of-breed companies, and top-notch educational institutions which makes it a great place for students as well as for working professionals.

2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a Scottish capital city that holds a top rank in the list of best and safe cities for students in London. Edinburgh is known for its historical and cultural attractions. From being very affordable to offering the best nightlife, the city charms students in its own safe and mysterious ways; not to mention the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Besides, it also provides a number of great employment opportunities. Post COVID-19, Edinburgh could be a great fit for you if you want to study in UK.

3. Glasgow

You can find some of the best universities and a whole lot of student population in Glasgow. This Scotland city is known for its safe surroundings, friendly locals, contemporary culture, and rich history. Ask your student visa consultant in Ahmedabad about Glasgow and you will be surprised to know how safe and sound this place is for foreign students.

4. Birmingham

Birmingham is not only the second-largest city in the UK but is also one of the most exciting places in the UK to live in. The city is not only home to the best educational institutions but also has excellent restaurants, world-class entertainment, and mind-blowing shopping options. If you choose Birmingham, you will be spoiled with the best of all worlds.

5. Manchester

Manchester is a great city for students considering the fact that it is a multicultural city. Manchester has a reputation for being a warm and welcoming city. It has some great educational institutions and is big enough to welcome everyone from across the globe. Apart from offering world-class education, the city is a perfect place for music aficionados. Music is a crucial part of the city’s culture and you are likely to come across a lot of local bands. In fact, there are several famous bands like ‘The Smiths’ formed on the land of Manchester.

If you need more information about moving to London for higher education, feel free to get in touch with our immigration experts.